Michigan Project Learning Tree enjoys a wide network of educators statewide and continues to grow. We receive limited support from federal and state grants. While these funds cover programming costs, we have many projects that are stalled due to limited funding.

With your tax-deductible donation to the MI Society of American Foresters (SAF) - PLT can sponsor workshops, help purchase teaching supplies, and pay for badly needed pamphlets and displays. Donating partners are recognized in newsletters, on our website, and in the media whenever possible.

If you have supplies you'd like to donate for a workshop, contact us and we will arrange to pick up the items or put them on a list and notify educators in your area of their availability.

Many of our educators have sponsored workshops for years with no recognition whatsoever. Therefore, we try to nominate educators for awards as often as possible. We continue to accept items that are suitable for silent auction or for use at Project Learning Tree workshops. Suggestions include (but are not limited to) gift certificates, food certificates, t-shirts, coffee mugs, seed packets, trinkets, etc. Gifts that are available in a geogrpahic area (such as food certificates for restaurants) are generally sent to the outstanding educators in that area with a thank you letter.

Examples of Ways to Support Michigan Project Learning Tree

What: Purchase classroom materials to be distributed to teachers during workshops (e.g. books from PLT reference list, posters, etc.)

Why: Surveys suggest that more teachers would be willing to utilize PLT activities if they have the materials readily available in the classroom.

Approximate cost: $200

What: Purchase activity box contents

Why: Each PLT activity requires different materials (e.g. yarn, paper plates, index cards, beads, construction paper, measuring tapes, poker chips, crayons/markers, etc.) Activity boxes will be strategically placed around the state for loan to educators. Each box will include materials for 4 activities.

Approximate cost: $100 per box

What: Provide tree cookies of various sizes

Why: PLT workshops begin with making nametags out of tree cookies (these would need two small holes drilled at the top of cookie). Also, many PLT activities are based around the tree's growth rings.

Approximate cost: Time and wood

What: Sponsor-a-Classroom

Why: Teachers would be given a budget to purchase supplies specific to a PLT activities. Depending on teacher's needs and level of support, "sponsorship" might pay for transportation to take students on a fieldtrip, etc.

Approximate cost: $250+

What: Facilitator/participant incentive gifts such as gift cards to OfficeMax or Staples

Why: PLT facilitators are not recognized in any way. An incentive such as this one might encourage them to conduct workshops more often and for new facilitators to become active. The gift card idea can also be used in random drawings in special promotions such as surveys or at conferences.

Approximate cost: any amount

What: Pay for Conference Fees

Why: PLT attends various conferences throughout the state (MI Science Teachers Association, MI Alliance for Environmental and Outdoor Education, MI Assoc. of Conservation Districts, etc.) Most conference require participant fees.

Approximate cost: $300/conference

What: Provide scholarships for a specific group

Why: Often times, we will target a specific group of educatos (e.g. scout leaders, homeschoolers, faculty/staff). We get a much better response to workshops if we can offer scholarships to cover the book fees ($25 per person) and food/travel (approx. $20 per person).

Approximate cost: $40 per educator

What: Purchase PLT trinkets to hand out at conferences

Why: Items with our logo and website are popular during workshops and conferences. These items include magnets, pencils, pens, etc. They are more likely to be picked up than pamphlets are.

Approximate cost: $250+

What: Co-facilitate at workshops

Why: The PLT program encourages each workshop to be taught by an educator as well as a natural resource professional such as a forester. We often times have a hard time enlisting professionals in the field.

Approximate cost: time

What: Become a Facilitator

Why: Our goal is to have at least one facilitator per county. If a group requests a workshop in your area, you would be the local contact and would conduct all aspects of the workshop with our assistance.

Approximate cost: time

What: Write Grants Supporting the Program

Why: Michigan PLT is operated solely on grants. Annual set fees include fiduciary payment ($250) and server fees.

Approximate cost: Time