I lost one of my manuals; can it be replaced?

Yes. There is a $25 charge for Pre-K through 12th manuals, $8 for secondary manuals, and $20 for Early Childhood with the CD. Society and Energy modules are $36. Confirmation must be made that you are PLT certified in the module you are requesting. Click here to request a replacement book.

Is the PLT curriculum correlated to standards and benchmarks and the GLCEs?

Yes. National Standards and benchmark correlations have been made. Click here for more information. Michigan's Grade Level Content Expectations (GLCEs) have been made for the PreK-8 guide and standards and benchmarks have been correlated to secondary modules. Click here for more informaiton.

I am a pre-service teacher, can I participate in PLT?

Yes! Our curriculum is appropriate for pre-service, current, and non-formal educators including parents who home school and scout leaders. Anyone who is interested in using the outdoors as a classroom is welcome to become PLT certified.

Does PLT workshops count toward Continuing Education Units or SCHEH?

Yes in many cases. Your workshop facilitator is responsible for arranging for CEUs before conducting the class. Facilitator's should contact their local Intermediate School District or University to have their workshop proposal and agenda reviewed for CEU accreditation.

How do I become a facilitator to train teachers to use the PLT curriculum?

We try to offer facilitator trainings at least once a year. Click here to be put on the list so you are notified of the next facilitator training.

How do I nominate someone for Outstanding Educator of the year?

Click here for the nomination form.

Can I be notified of Upcoming Workshops in my area?

Yes! Click here to be added to the notify list. Make sure to tell us what county(ies) you'll travel to.

How do I submit a workshop proposal/agenda?

You can do this on-line or through the mail.

How do I donate project supplies or money?

Our program and educators have many classroom needs. All monetary donations are tax-deductible. Click here to donate.