About PLT

PLT has been in Michigan since 1979.

The primary sponsors for Michigan PLT is the Department of Natural Resources (MDNR), with the Michigan Society of American Foresters (SAF) acting as fiduciary.

The American Forest Foundation plays a key role in PLT. They administer the program at the national level and provide a variety of services and materials including national publicity, leadership training and facilitator handbooks, curriculum guides, and organizational and operational guidance to the state coordinators and the advisory committee.

Within the local PLT network, various agencies, associations, foundations, and citizens will be called upon to provide direct or indirect assistance with the implementation of PLT in Michigan. This assistance can include providing representation on the advisory committee, sponsoring workshops, providing background and supplementary materials (posters, brochures, etc.), and promoting the program.

For further information contact Ada Takacs at takacsa@michigan.gov